Female Elf Cleric of Isami (DEAD)


STR: 11
INT: 11
WIS: 14
DEX: 12
CON: 13
CHA: 14


P/D: 10
P/P: 13
RSW: 14
B W: 16
Spl: 15

AC: 7
HP: 8
EXP: 1658
Needed: 1500
Gold: 10g
Age: 125
Alignment: Neutral Good
Initiative: +6 (Spear)

THAC0: 20 (19 w/ Spear)
2: 18 (17)
4: 16 (15)
6: 14 (13)
8: 12 (11)
10: 10 ( 9)
Weapons: Short Spear 2
Non-Weapon: Religion(Elvish), Fortune Telling, Wilderness Lore, Weather Sense, Swimming, Fishing, Cooking


Holy Symbol
Studded Leather Armor
Iron Rations x2
Fishing net
Large Belt Pouch
Iron Pot
Cooking Knife
Mysterious Silver Armband

Prepared Spells

Cure Light Wounds


Born to a small farming family, Meeko never had much of a chance to see the outside world. Her days of youth were tending to the land and learning of the gods; particularly Mithoriel, the chief deity of her homeland. On her 25th Birthday, she predicted a horrible tornado that saved a nearby village.
Immediately, news of her weather sense grew, until a group of priest approached her family. The priests knew exactly what Fate had decided for her. She was a chosen of Isami, The Fickle Mistress.

She began her training at a distant fishing community that paid reverence to Isami. She had not grown accustomed to the strange looks and the yelling that her presence brought her. Isami was ever changing in her opinions. One day, the waters would favor everyone. The next day, no one could leave dry land. Her teachers said, “One must be willing to go with the flow of the tide.”, or “Never spurn the Lady of Storms.”, and other nonsense like that. She just could not understand why Isami was like this.

When she was 77, she was part of a crew on the SS Fluffers, a fishing ship run by an odd gnome named Captain Pork Whithershins. The crew were running low on supplies, but no one knew why. Meeko had spilled food on her elder sisters, so she was tasked to help with the bookkeeping. As the First Mate was sleeping, she discovered that he was the one taking extras! Before she could tell anyone, the bells rang. A maelstrom had suddenly appeared! The First Mate had also discovered that Meeko knew the truth! Meeko ran all around the ship while the First Mate and the storm quickly approached. With everyone below deck or in the cabins, Meeko was finally trapped by the freeloader.

Before he could silence her, he was thrown over the side. He grabbed the railing, now begging for Meeko to save him. Suddenly, it all made sense to her: This man endangered the crew with his deeds, and Isami wanted revenge. Meeko smiled as the man lost his grip, for she now understood all of Isami’s teachings. One must embrace what Isami gives you, good or bad. If you cannot handle the bad times, why should you be around for any of the good times?

Having just reached the rank of priest, she has been tasked to go out into the world and spread Isami’s will. As she rests in a faraway tavern, a gnome’s shouting attracts her attention.

Note: Died in a fight with goblins, where she was swarmed and slain.


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