Half-Orc Fighter (DEAD)


STR: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 11
DEX: 13
CON: 14
CHA: 9


B W:

AC: 6
HP: 12
EXP: 348
Needed: 2000
Gold: 0
Age: 27
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Initiative: + 1 (DEX), -10 (TH Swd), -5 (LS)

THAC0: 19 (18 w/ THSwd)
2: 17 (16)
4: 15 (14)
6: 13 (12)
8: 11 (10)
10: 9 ( 8)
Weapons: Two-Handed Sword x3, Long Sword
Non-Weapon: Endurance, Painting, Tracking, Heraldry


Studded Leather Armor
Two-Handed Sword
Long Sword
Paint Set


Wacom’s clan of Orcs are… Different.

For starters, The Corel Clan are peaceful, compared to other orcs. The clan sustains itself by creating art pieces for the continent that rival many others. (Most Elves won’t admit it in public, though.) While the less-talented ones are stuck with the cooking, cleaning, and fighting, the most talented are called upon by many royals to add to their decour. His clan also refuses to use conjunctions in languages, as they see the words as “meaningless filler”. Because of their odd and “sissy” ways, the other tribes despise the Corel clan.

Wacom could handle a brush like others his age, but felt no pleasure from it. Every painting or statue he made was good, yet lacked something. Others told him to wait until his special talent became evident, and not to give up hope. While carving paintbrushes, an enemy clan called the Rivals attacked. Fearing for his tribe, he rushed blindly to aid them. When the dust settled, he had slain 3 Rivals with a carving knife. He felt overjoyed; he saw the bloodshed around him as one would see a finished masterpiece. He became one of the few to willingly trade his brush for a blade.

Note: Died to a Ogre Skeleton.


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