Entry Six

This entry will serve as a recounting of the trip to the northern peninsula using both my memory and the numerous notes I managed to scrawl at that time.

What sticks with me the most is the way the wind seemed to pierce through the many layers of fur and wool I wore. The sound of Nature’s breath over the frozen earth was like listening to the song of a dozen wolves calling into the night. It was a beautiful and merciless land.

The area seemed devoid of animal life. I theorize that after years the wildlife learned to avoid the area under the memory magic’s sway. This was both a blessing and a curse. While we didn’t have to worry about being attacked in the night we could not hunt game to restock our supplies. That limited our time to search the area.

As we traveled further inland, east specifically, our memories began to degrade, leaving us with shorter and shorter periods before we forgot what we were doing. We had to resort to notes pinned to our chests for even simple tasks. You can imagine the difficulty using the bathroom posed.

After a week passed we were in a sorry state. Our mental functions were barely enough to keep us traveling in the correct direction. Fortunately the gate to the ruins we sought glowed like a bonfire so our animal minds were attracted to it.

Once inside we regained our mental abilities. The ruins must have been using the magic as a type of ward against unwanted visitors like ourselves. It appeared effective as the main room we came upon had thirteen untouched chests. I am embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t open them.

The whole complex was made out of some odd ice like material that seemed to produce a ambient glow as we moved through the place. I can’t recall to much about the path we took but I do recall that it involved teleporting. I hate teleporting.

Eventually we found our prize: the gear. It was in a small bird cage which at the time I didn’t the importance of that. In the previous room there was a man sized statue within a lattice box. When I took the caged gear the lattice disappeared and the statue animated. We fled. It killed my sister and now it is hunting me.

I will not die.

Entry Six

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