Entry One

Thinking back to the first day as an adventurer I can only wonder how any of us are still alive. Aerys, Meeko, Tirumm, Yggrastal, and myself had all met at an inn within Lavoi. Through some events involving one of Meeko’s fortune telling episodes we learned that a group of orcs had been harassing the town. They were reported to be using a place called Scabber’s Delve as their hideout.

Being a newly forged group of adventurers we decided to rid the area of the menace. It was a four day journey over grassland to the delve. Little happened and the weather remained pleasant so we were in good moods as we arrived. That mood was soon doused as we went deeper into the delve. We quickly came across a burlap sack that had been placed below a wall tapestry of what must of been Scabber’s the gnome. When Tirumm investigated the sack the tapestry’s image reached out and dashed him over the head. Thankfully the blow was mild, but from the dwarf’s cursing you would think he’d had his skull caved in. At least we gained a good deal of coin, even if it was all copper. So much copper.

It was not much longer before we discovered a half dozen orcs which we did battle with. We came out victorious with no deaths. Our wounds were minor but I think one orc had poisoned it’s blade for later I was forced to recuperate in a base camp not far from the Delve. It was many days before I could rejoin the group.

During that time Meeko died. Truthfully, I did not know Meeko deeply and was not to distraught over her death. If anything it served to make me realize what I was involved with. Every time I entered a dungeon I was risking my life.

For a brief time I considered taking what coin the group had gathered and leave for a city. Obviously I didn’t.

I have to stop writing now. I think Yggrastal is about to get in a fight with one of our more snooty companions.

Date: Sunder, 7th of Oakrest


Entry One

Adventures in Caldecept Mctedly