Entry Three

This entry will be a reminder and summary of all dealings with Stellos the astronomer from the Imperium.

My first encounter with the aging Stellos was at Lavoi’s only inn which I can’t seem to remember the name of. He was in the company of a female human that I distinctly dislike for several reasons that are likely to make themselves apparent to all that meet her. Even Stellos was disinclined to spend much time in her company. But enough of Nauta.

Stellos had employed our party to escort him into the nearby swamps to claim a meteoroid that had fallen in the vicinity and once that was done, bring him to Caroll where he would pay us before departing for his homeland.

The journey started out with just Stellos and myself as the rest of the group had been drinking the night before and would not leave their beds no matter what prompting was used.

Perhaps an hour into the journey Yggrastal joined us apparently having ran to catch up. Then the dwarf tackled me from a nearby bush.The ruffian then proceeded to give me a wet willy. I suppose I deserved it after all the short jokes. Still don’t know how he got ahead of us though.

After four days of uneventful travel we entered the swamps. The mud sucked at our boots. Bugs nipped at our flesh. The humidity mixed with the smell of rot made me long for the dry stone of Scabber’s Delve. The worst of it all were the giant carp. On our first day in the swamp we walked over a strip of dry land surrounded by deep pools of water. From one of these pools leaped a carp the size of a large dog. It latched onto Stellos’s leg nearly tearing his calf muscle away as it floundered on dry land. Tirumm killed the creature with a stroke of his axe. With the beasts meat we would not need to rely on our supplies for food but the thought of eating the creature turned my stomach. Who could say how many unlucky wanderers it had eaten?

A few days passed as we searched the swamp for signs of the meteorite. Little disturbed us except for the constant buzzing of insects. It was Yggrastal who pointed out that something had passed through the canopy with enough force to tear down the tough branches of the swamp trees. Stellos proclaimed this to be a sign that we were close to our goal.

WE followed the broken canopy until we found a trench that had presumably made by the meteorite’s landing. Being the shadowpad of the group I scouted ahead so that we did not fall into any trap. I crept along the trench wall using the fog that had yet to be burnt off by the sun as cover eventually coming upon the final resting spot of the meteorite. Around what looked to be a small lump of black stone was a pack of wolves. It hurt my eyes to look at the beasts for some reason.

I reported my findings to the group and we devised a plan to remove the wolves. Tirumm would lead while the rest of the group supported him with spell and arrow. A simple, solid plan that took advantage of Tirumm’s natural durability. The fight turned out to be won due to Stellos’s spellcraft. He summoned a cloud that pelted down knives of ice onto the wolves.

The stone reclaimed we decided to leave the swamp. We got lost. Then we were found. By a tribe of territorial lizard men that were happy enough to direct us to a cache of “abandoned men boats” after we paid a blood price to the “forbidden zone” that we had trespassed on. It was lucky that Stellos was already bleed as I don’t think he would have survived the way the blood price was extracted.

A few days later we were on a raft heading down river towards the city of Caroll. Before we could make land a tragedy occurred. The Death of Tirumm once of the Stoneshields. We were set upon by giant sturgeon of all things. A pair of the vile things. I fear that I cannot go into much detail but let us say that Tirumm died bravely to save everyone’s lives.

Weeks later we arrived at Caroll and recieved payment from Stellos along with an invitation to visit him in the Imperium. He left Nauta in our care. The sly coot.

Date: Toor, 9th of Oakrest



Entry Three

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