Entry Two

Where was I…Ah yes, the Delve. After a few more trips into the place’s depths, we came across a gear that was made of adamantium. My suggestions to sell it as soon as possible were quickly made moot when we found the mechanism it belonged to and Tirumm placed the gear in its slot. It was then impossible to dislodge (I tried. Repeatedly). At the dwarf’s urging we began searching the Delve for more of the gears. We found pixies instead.

I hate pixies.

The little fiends drugged us. When we woke we were in what might have been a pantry. A note reading “Sorry. We can’t allow the mechanism to be uncovered. Boss’s orders. Have a nice life!
Cheers, Z” was on the floor. To make matters worse the door was locked with magic. We spent about an hour trying to figure out what the key phrase was until Yggrastal smashed a pickle against it. Apparently the magic responded to the pickle juices. Fricking pixies.

The next room had a similar door but this one was not hungry. In the room we encountered a gnomes head sans body. It was still alive and talking though. The creature spouted out a few cryptic lines and was over all annoying and rather useless. Again, fricking pixies.

After a few hours of mental torture we all figured out that all that was needed was for us to decide that we could leave the room. Whole bloody thing was an illusion.


Date: Maug, 8th of Oakrest


Entry Two

Adventures in Caldecept Mctedly