Entry Four

My last entry dealt with Stellos and I shall start with him. Once we reached Caroll the group had to deal with a lecherous guard who had something against half-elves. The idiot was called Greene, I forget his first name, and he had decided upon seeing us that he would harass Yggrastal of all people. The man had no idea how close he came to dying.

We ran into this man numerous times and had to deal with things related to him even after his death. Truthfully besides doing some clandestine work Caroll was rather peaceful. The main thing to note was a wise woman named Rhea. She is a crotchety creature and a half-elf. After a good amount of gold changed hands Rhea pointed out that there was a wizard guild in Harkinan. We will be taking our investigation there.

It should be mentioned that two new people have joined the band:
Drest Durane who seems to be a street urchin. He can wield magic but as to how I have yet to determine. Some illness plagues him. Perhaps it is related to his magic?

The second addition is Lukas Jacksnape who is a bard of some talent that has decided that he is going to immortalize Ygg in song. It is for this reason he joined the group.

Until next time,

-Padirion Kadirion

Entry Four

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